The most reliable UPS from Powertronix Italia

UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply

Secure energy supply, – especially if the situation or business in general, the main network generates problems, risking the irreversible loss of information or damage to the production processes, which affect the time and budget of various activities.

By combining the experience in power supplies for critical cases, with the special On Line – Double Conversion technology in each UPS, our firm enables safe protection of equipment from various problems generated by the main electrical network.

To date, UPS systems have been successfully installed in various fields such as: Financial Services, Telecommunications, Media, Army, etc. The UPSs in question cover powers from 600VA to 500kVA, being adapted case by case to the technical-specific conditions set forth by our clients.

Our UPS are designed and manufactured according to the following international and European standards: IEC, EN, VDE, BS, etc., and meet the requirements of serious manufacturers of sensitive electronic equipment.