UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply

SECURE POWER SUPPLY, wherever irreplaceable data loss, lost production and electrical downtime are serious issues, especially as main power is subject to numerous short and long disturbances.

Specialising in critical application power supplies, Eurocol- service provides effective protection of sensitive equipment against disturbances afecting the quality of the electrical network.


Eurocol- Service offers a complete range of solutions suited to various IT, industrial and telecommunications configurations.

Our uninterruptible power systems are designed and manufactured to the following international and Europian standards: IEC, EN, VDE, BS, etc, and to meet the requirements of manufacturers of sensitive electronic equipment.

UPS systems have been installed in the following sectors: Financial Services, Military, Telecommunications, Medicine, Etc. Etj.

Our product families are available for powers varying from 600 VA to 500kVA, and cover almost all the special technical conditions of our demanding costumers.