About Us

A success story

Experience & Professionalism

“EUROCOL-SERVICE shpk” is the most important Albanian Company in the field of Electric Power Supply Provision and Maintenance including importing, instalation, maintenance and repair of VOLTAGE STABILIZERS, DIESEL-GENERATING SETS, UPS, DRY POWER TRANSFORMERS and other electrical equipments, as electrical distribution panels, switchboards etc

We decided to create from the beginning (15 years ago) a back-up structure made from an authorized SERVICE and repair shop, from a specialised technical staff, different skilled technicians’ mobile groups equipped with all appropriate tool-sets and service cars, and an on-real-time information network; to take care of our clients wherever they are, not only during the warrantee period, according to the appropriate contracts.

Absolute quality

Correctness and absolute safety

Our experience in Albania on these years has enriched our skills technically and our ‘‘know-how’’ of intervention in the market suggesting the right quality-service / price, balance.
The on-line connections with our partner’s plants, either with the production engineers, or with the project “know-how” engineers, every time, for every question that may emerge; is one more guarantee we try to bring close to you.

It is for this smooth compliance of the best selected products in Europe certified ISO 9001 QUALITY as VOLTAGE STABILIZERS, DIESEL ENGINES, ALTERNATORS, CONTROL PANELS, U.P.S. etc. and our authorised service on site quality that we see ourselves as a reliable and convenient partner of yours.